"You can't get hurt in the air,

but you can't stay there either."

Name:     Titus John Nicholson

Racing:   Pro Men

Address: 64 Marshall Hill Rd

                  West Milford, NJ 07480

Phone:     862-228-3772

E-mail:     Titusbiker@icloud.com

Website:  Titusbiker.com

I have been riding mountain bikes since age six. Most of my free time is spent on my bike, either buildingĀ jumps, riding at the local West Milford pump track, or DH at Mountain Creek Bike Park. My 2015 season I raced for Team Jersey Homegrown and moved up to Cat 2, 15-18 and placed second in the series. In the 2016 season racing Cat 1, 15-18, I earned 1st place for the Eastern States Cup and was named 
Super Champ. In the same year I raced in Peru at the 
Pan-America Cont. race and took 3rd. In the 2017 
season, I raced my first World Cup DH races.
Unfortunately, I crashed in my qualifying run in
Switzerland and broke my collarbone in half which required surgery. I was able to come back for the last
Pro GRT of the season in Mammoth and placed 5th
fresh off an injury. 2018 season had the opportunity

race in two more World Cup events.  During US Nationals I

crashed and dislocated my shoulder ending the season

early.  Looking forward to 2019 season with Defiant Racing!


2018   Pro GRT- Mountain Creek, NJ                     2nd    2:42:60

2018   Eastern States Cup - Plattekill, NY             1st     2:42:16

2018   Pro GRT - Windrock, TN                                5th    2:54:09

2017   Eastern States Cup - Mount Snow, VT      2nd    2:17:32

2017   Pro GRT- Mammoth, CA                                5th     3:37:70

2017   Eastern States Cup Enduro Final - VT      3rd

2017   Eastern States Cup-Blue Mountain, PA    2nd    2:43:37

2017   UCI World Cup-Lenzerheide                       DNF

2017   UCI World Cup-Vallnord                             42nd    5:00:93

2017   Pro GRT-Beech, NC                                        2nd    2:20:51

2017   US Open-Mt. Creek, NJ                                   1st     2:38:401

2017   Pro GRT-Port Angeles, WA                           17th    2:54:62

2016   UCI Pan-America Cont. Champ, Peru        3rd    5:57:780

2016   Eastern States Cup Super Champ               1st    Overall

2016   Eastern States Cup - Plattekill, NY             3rd    3:01:74

2016   Triple Crown Enduro - Mt. Creek, NJ          2nd    14:13:00

2016   Eastern States Cup - Blue Mountain, PA   2nd    2:42:03